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Guiding YOU to live in YOUR unlimited potential


Hello Magnetic Soul...

I am so happy you are here...make no mistake, finding me was not an accident. You were meant to be here. I imagine that if you've stumbled across this page you are on a journey of some sort, whether you are just starting out or somewhere in the middle. You KNOW that there is something more for you, you KNOW that your dreams are just waiting to become your reality. It's time to tap into your magic, connect back to your true authentic self, unlock your unlimited potential, and play in a world of infinite possibilities.

I have been on my personal journey of transforming my life from one filled with stress, anxiety, self doubt, fear, low self esteem, and lack of confidence to a life filled with self love, self worth, abundance, joy, freedom, ease, and flow. Once upon a time, I mistakenly operated from a belief that I was not good enough, I was not capable, and I was not worthy of living the life I desired. I believed that it wasn't meant for me. I believed that I was lazy, a procrastinator, unhealthy, unsuccessful, and that is just the hand I was dealt. And as a result I kept myself small, held back, and sabotaged any chances of living the life that was truly meant for me.


If any of this resonates with you, I want you to know that this is NOT your truth.

And it was not mine.

There's work to be done my friend but ohhhhh it is oh so gratifying once you are on the path. Through understanding our beliefs, our mindset, our behaviors, our thoughts, our actions, and our unique design; we can shift our Self into a life of our own design. We can create our own reality. We can make our dreams come true.

By developing Self Awareness, nurturing Self Love and Connection, understanding how to co-create with the Universe, learning the tools to help us navigate life's inevitable challenges and obstacles, and embodying our Highest Self; we can step into our natural state of Abundance and Joy and life a life filled with Freedom, Ease, and Flow.

I am here to guide you along that path, to assist you on YOUR journey to living the life you've always dreamed of.

Together we will Learn.

Together we will Grow.

Together we will Expand.

Together we will Rise.

Together we will BECOME.

I love you.

And I'm here to help YOU love you too.



Meet Jenna Marie...

Jenna Marie is a Mindset & Embodiment Coach and a Celebrity Makeup & Hair Artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Born and raised in Michigan, she has a mid-western heart mixed with a SoCal soul. A true lover of animals, a die hard vegan, a believer in the healing power of food, and the co-creator of her dream life; Jenna is passionate about sharing all she knows about living your life to your fullest potential.


With over 20 years in the beauty industry, she is a true beauty expert and master of self care. She holds a Bachelor Of Science degree in Psychology, is a certified Reiki I & II Practitioner, a certified Breathwork & Meditation Facilitator, and she is currently studying NLP, Universal Laws, Manifestation, Human Design,...and well, a number of other courses and books that are just too many to name.

Being a 5/1 Projector in Human Design, Jenna is a collector of knowledge and always eager to share EVERYTHING she's learned along her life path.


Jenna believes that making small shifts and implementing tiny changes in every aspect of your life has a massive impact in creating the life of your dreams, a magical Life By Design.

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