"I  help women own their GLOW

by mastering their inner AND outer BEAUTY"


Jenna Marie Garagiola


I’m Jenna,

Mindset Coach | | NLP Practicioner | Celebrity Makeup Artist

Bachelor Of Science Degree - Psychology

Beauty Expert⁣ | Glow Getter⁣ | Confidence Builder⁣ | Light Leader

And also,⁣

Spoiled Wife⁣ | Dog Mommy⁣ | Mommy’s Girl (forever)⁣ | Manifesting Dreamer⁣ | Animal Lover⁣ | Vegan Eater⁣ | Product Junkie⁣ | Hopeless Romantic⁣

I believe that ALL women are BEAUTIFUL. I believe ALL women are STRONG. I believe ALL women are MAGICAL creatures capable of amazingness and living the life dreams are made of.⁣

Not long ago, I was battling low self esteem issues, struggling with self doubt & low confidence. I felt lesser than, not pretty, not happy in my body or confident in my skin. I was riddled with crippling self doubt and a never ending second guessing of myself. I was paralyzed with fear of failure, keeping me stuck and preventing me from elevating my career. and living the life I truly wanted.


Not long ago, I was just trying to get by.⁣

And then one day, someone challenged me:
“What if you WERE meant for more?”
“What if the story you are telling yourself is wrong?”
“What if you have to power to change the narrative JUST by shifting the way you think”

And suddenly, it clicked.


I wish I could tell you from that point on, life was a dream...spoiler alert, it doesn't work that way! But I did realize that I had some work to do, it was time to start shedding the old patterns and stories that were no longer serving me, time to step out of the shadow and into my light. It was time for a serious mindset shift.


And so I got to work. Learning, growing, evolving, shifting.
I’ve put in the time, I’ve taken the classes, webinars, self study courses, read a zillion books,  and I’ve met amazing and inspiring humans all along the way. And while my journey of growth will be lifelong, it's already been such a beautiful path to walk!

Facetune_05-06-2021-11-41-29 2.JPG

I want you to walk on this path with me.

I want to change the way the women of the world see themselves, one gorgeous soul at a time. It’s my mission to help you overcome those loud inner voices keeping you small and holding you back. Negative self talk, low self esteem, lack of confidence...it can impact our lives so greatly.

That crappy old story I used to tell myself was miserable. And I do not want any other woman to ever feel the way I used to feel.

But I know you are out there, telling yourself that miserable story, feeling lesser than, and holding yourself back.

Let me help you change the narrative.

Let’s write a new story.

I'm ready to love you...are you ready to love you?