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1:1 coaching with Jenna Marie

An intimate 1:1 mentorship with Jenna Marie,

Mindset Coach | Beauty Expert

Becoming YOU:

For the entrepreneur, Artist, or Creative Soul

who is ready to


holding themself back from the life of their dreams

self sabotaging so they never fully achieves their goals

failing to launch in their business or career

Feeling “stuck” in life and unsure of their purpose


Living the life they truly DESIRE

Achieving their goals with ease and flow

Feeling confident in building their business and elevating their career

Standing firm in their Power, Strength, and Unwavering Faith

Living fully Embodied in their Highest Level Self


I provide a transformational experience that takes YOU on a journey to create a life filled with authenticity, empowerment, and genuine happiness.

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Through weekly 1:1 zoom coaching calls, voxer access, and customized tools such as action lists, journal prompts, workbooks, and more; 

I will guide you from your current state of "fear to take action", lack of confidence, and thoughts of “I’m not ______ enough”;
to the freedom of standing in your power, believing in your self, trusting your self, knowing your worth, and truly LOVING your self


Utilizing tools in mindset work, manifesting techniques, Breathwork, meditation, reiki, and human design;
You will learn to fully embody your next level self, so that you can confidently take the next steps toward living to your fullest potential and bringing your dreams to Reality.


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Together, we will define your next level self...
the YOU that you visualize when picturing the life you desire,
the successful YOU,
the confident YOU,
the empowered YOU,
the YOU that KNOWS Your Worth,
the YOU that feels ready to DO, BE, and HAVE everything you've always wanted.

learn to define YOU,
learn to embody YOU,
Learn to Become YOU.

Are you Ready?

1:1 Clients are accepted via application process only.

Click here to apply
and learn more about Becoming YOU!


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